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what we do

  • Advocate for OHV recreation access in the Tonto National Forest

  • Help educate the Forest Service on the needs and wants of the OHV community

  • Work in cooperation with the Forest to educate the general public about responsible off-highway vehicle use and resource conservation

  • Meet regularly with Forest Staff to discuss OHV needs, issues and solutions.

  • Recruit, train, educate and manage a group of volunteers from TRĀL, other OHV clubs and the broader OHV community who support a wide range of OHV recreation projects in the forest.

  • Operate the Tonto Forest Adopt-a-trail program

  • Perform trail repair and maintenance projects on trails designated as open for OHV

  • Plan, coordinate and secure funding for new projects that improve the OHV user experience

  • Act as good stewards of forest resources.

  • We have fun while we are doing these worthwhile things!

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