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welcome to TRĀL's off-road mapping and information project for the
tonto national forest

This project is an effort by Tonto Recreation Alliance to provide the OHV public with helpful information about off-road recreation in the Tonto National Forest.  All information provided through this project is free of charge and is a result of the data we gather about OHV trails as we perform our ongoing work to monitor trail conditions and maintain trail signing.

This map is not a product of the Tonto National Forest or the United States Forest Service.  Trails shown on this map are based on GPS tracks collected by Tonto Recreation Alliance while traveling on routes currently designated as open by the Tonto National Forest. Some existing trails are NOT shown on this map while they are under review with the forest for data accuracy.

The map is available as a download for Apple and Android phones and tablets.  It works offline and does not require cell service or Wi-Fi once downloaded.  We will provide regular updates to the maps including additional insights, new layers and interesting things to see and do.

Once the map is downloaded to your device, check back regularly within the app for updates and new information.


The current version of this map is a Beta Test Version.  Please feel free to download and use it but with the understanding that it is not a finished product and there may be some remaining issues.  Please report any issues you find as well as improvement suggestions to

This program was financed in part by a grant from the Federal Recreational Trails Program administered by the Arizona State Parks.

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